I am a passionate person about what I do and I try to live every moment to the fullest, enjoying every stage of my existence. What it comes about my ambitions, I can be very persistent and hard.
Sometimes angel, sometimes hurricane. For me it's like this: black or white, love or hate.
I'm only 1.50m but I reach everything.
I believe that everything in this life has a reason.

"Covered In Gold" is a feeling between feeling blessed and being called lucky. The name of the blog is my favourite song from my lovely band.

I'm studying Tourism and also doing my internship in the biggest family Lufthansa LGSP.
I speak portuguese, english, spanish, a bit german and french.

I'm a fashion enthusiastic and a travel lover.


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Ola tudo bem? Obrigada por teres visitado o meu cantinho. Espero que tenhas gostado, vou seguir te.:) Olha so para te dizer que ainda tens o " word verification on" nos teus comentarios. Se precisares de ajuda a retirar diz, pois fica muito mais facil comentar nos teus posts sem. :)

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