quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

Lisbon part 2

I really look like a tourist

While in Sintra, I took so many pictures. The streets are really tight and full of people, people who live there or just tourists like me.
There are lots of local stores with souvenirs, some restaurants and of course the famous "Piriquita" which is a small place where we can find the best queijadinhas in Portugal and in "Os Maias" it's refered.

Seteais Palace

We walked a little bit to Seteais Palace and the view from there is breathtaking, more than beautiful. The little waterfall is amazing and the water is so fresh. After the visit to Seteais Palace we had almost two hours left till the bus drive us to the hotel so we went to see the local stores and of course drink the famous ginja in the little chocolate cups, delicious. We had so much fun because when we were almost ready to drink it one of our teachers came and we had to run throught the tight streets with the cups in our hands, so much fun.

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Kate Philipa disse...

Sintra, uma das minhas cidade de eleição em Portugal.
Uma cidade de sonho para mim. Tenho saudades da minha ida até lá...