quarta-feira, 2 de abril de 2014

Cable car, boat and wine cellars

I found this picture really funny, I just love the fact the me and my friends were taking a selfie and my other friends were having fun with the cam too.

Right before we step into the boat

It may sound strange but I love taking pictures with tourists and talk with them.

Ferreira wine cellars

One more schooltrip this time to the cable car, boat and the oporto wine cellars. I liked it. Let's start with the cable car, splendid, the view is just fantastic. The boat, wonderful. I liked the fact that I was on board with german tourists, I talked to some nice ladies and before I leave I wished them a good stay in Portugal. And now, let's say something about the picture with the chinese tourists? If my lovely Kira sees this post I think that she will remind the day we met, we took a picture with german tourists and now everytime that something like that happens I think of her.
I learn something more about oporto wine with this little guided tour, I 100% recommend it !

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ensembledeux disse...

Looks so fun! :)