domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Brother birthday ♥

27! This year it's different, we're miles away from each other but that doesn't mean that I forgot 'cause that's impossible.
He was 10 years old when I was born, he took care of me, he is like my old brother, well he is. Sometimes I get upset with him but it goes away really fast because I know that I need him, his wise words, his jokes, everything.
I confess that I gave him lots of headache, I was stubborn, I was always crying and also, I always felt like a princess, he always had the fault. 
I was spoiled and still I am because he made me this way. 
I can't imagine my life without him. I am proud of who he is, always true to himself and adventures like no one else.
On a special day like this one, I wish him all the best and many other years!

Happy birthday, BROTHER 

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