sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

Two years passed by ♥

Two years. I still remember the day that I got the new that they will come to Portugal, I got super nervous, all I wanted was a ticket to see them. I was all in tears in front of my mom, hahaha. 
One week after I got the new, I bought the ticket, it was so good to have it on my hands. 
And after I got my ticket, the days felt like years but somehow it passed and when I wake up, I was counting the hours to see them, hear them. It was so good to live it all again. 
I wanna go back to the day when it was 26 degrees, waiting, waiting, I wanna hear the screams that starts in one part and ends in another, I wanna have butterflies on my stomach again because the gates opened up, I want the securities to check my ticket, I wanna be on the othe side, run run run and run to get a better place at the show, I want the lights to go down, I want them to show up, I wnat to hear that sound, I want to scream, cry, see them on the stage. 

I want my boys back! ♥


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