segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

No meaning

This post is really personal and since I moved to Germany, the blog has been the greatest way to unburden. 
I'm really frustrated and unhappy. Yesterday my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to visit her, like one week or just for the weekend, so that I don't feel so alone and unhappy and of course, to see one of my relatives that is very sick right now. 
On my last day spent in Portugal, before I moved to Germany, I went to the hospital to see him and I left wih my heart broken. It felt like it was the last time that I was seeing him alive. My eyes were in tears.
I skype with my family almost every day and now, he is back home but still really sick. I want to cry so bad whenever he looks up at the web and smiles, but a little smile full of pain.
My mom is completely down right now and I know that she needs me but, I'm miles away from her.

What pissed me of the most was that my aunt is travelling to Portugal in the first week of March and I wil be here all alone, like, I wanna go too. She is not even my mom... It's really bad to be left all alone.

 That's life. 

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