quinta-feira, 1 de maio de 2014

Victoria's Secret

Body Spray Amber Romance

glossy lip butter dare to bare

Finally I went to a Victoria's Secret store ! I just loved it, everythings pink, with some angels pictures on the walls, so many great stuff there... I have to go back and I can't wait for that.
I brought a body spray and a glossy lip butter, the first one smells so good and I haven't already tried the glossy but tomorrow I will.
Right now I am happy, I visited a Victoria's Secret store, iupiii

Lisbon part 3

view from my room

Third part and the last one. Finally we arrived to our hotel, well aparthotel but this was the case... in booking the Inatel was perfect we were all excited because it has two floors, kitchnet, tv and a kind of balcony BUT when we saw with our two eyes for real the rooms were more than miserable, full of dust, no wi-fi only in the reception, the tv sometimes work sometimes don't, the bathroom wasn't clean. My friend called to the reception and they told that the room has been cleaned and that we have to handle like that we couldn't change room. I was happy but right after seeing the room I went more than angry but it was ok because I went to see the sunset and the view was magic and my humour cheer up a little bit.
The view to the Tagus river made me so peaceful.
The dinner wasn't good too but it was ok again because we had some snacks for the night. We didn't sleep we were almost all night outside talking about horror stories and that kind of stuffs, great.

my friend and I, do we look good?

In the morning we had breakfast and I have to tell that it was better than the dinner and after that we drove to Chiado, how long I wanted to go there. During the ride we saw the Docas, Cais do Sodré, and some monuments.
In Chiado my humour were great because I had so many stores around me and that made me happy. I wasn't in starbucks and in hard rock too but next time, I'll for sure!
It was great, we saw many things and had lots of fun. Me and my friend were walking through the streets speaking english and people thought we were tourists, hahaha.
After lunch we went to the assemblage, worst thing ever !
I was in Meo Arena again and I felt so melancholy, I missed my guys... it was almost 08h00 p.m when we step insinde the train to Oporto.
A great trip !!!

Lisbon part 2

I really look like a tourist

While in Sintra, I took so many pictures. The streets are really tight and full of people, people who live there or just tourists like me.
There are lots of local stores with souvenirs, some restaurants and of course the famous "Piriquita" which is a small place where we can find the best queijadinhas in Portugal and in "Os Maias" it's refered.

Seteais Palace

We walked a little bit to Seteais Palace and the view from there is breathtaking, more than beautiful. The little waterfall is amazing and the water is so fresh. After the visit to Seteais Palace we had almost two hours left till the bus drive us to the hotel so we went to see the local stores and of course drink the famous ginja in the little chocolate cups, delicious. We had so much fun because when we were almost ready to drink it one of our teachers came and we had to run throught the tight streets with the cups in our hands, so much fun.

Lisbon part 1

I arrived in Oporto yesterday night. My trip to Lisbon went well even if my humour did change lots of times. The flight was really early, 06:40 a.m. so I arrived early in Lisbon, we stayed a little bit inside the airport visiting some shops, of course I went to Victoria's Secret finally, it's wonderful and the girls who like it will go crazy there. Some things are expensive but there are some cheap things like body sprays, body lotions, some make-up, and so.
When I went outside the airport the bus was already waiting for me and my friends, we drove to Estoril where we had breakfast and where I ate the best toast ever.
After breakfast we visited the portuguese school of tourism and hotelaria, it's huge and great, we had lunch there and after the lunch it was really eraly for us to drive to Sintra so we went to Cascais.
More than beautiful...

I loved Cascais and I can't wait to go back, the beaches are wonderful, the weather was great and people there are very nice.
Portugal has lots of amazing places and Cascais is one of them.
Right after we leave Cascais, Sintra was our next stop.